Cannabis Plant Training – Higher Yields

By training your cannabis plants, you can increase their yield. You can increase the yield of your cannabis plants by optimizing its structure with selective pruning and bending.

There are many benefits to training cannabis plants. Here are some of the best: Increased yield:

This is the biggest benefit of cannabis training. It can increase the yield of your cannabis plants. You can alter the growth of the cannabis plant to increase the number or density of the buds.

You can improve light penetration by training your cannabis plants:

This will allow you to create a better canopy, which allows more light through lower branches. This can result in stronger and larger buds coming from the lower branches.

The best way to improve airflow is to train cannabis plants:

This can help prevent the development of mold and mildew, and decrease the chance of pest infestations.

You have more control:

Plant training allows growers to exercise greater control over their plants’ structure and shape. This is particularly useful for indoor growers who may need to maximise their small space. There are many methods that you can use to increase your marijuana yields. Here are some of the most popular:


When the top of the main tree branch is removed, it encourages the growth of two main branches. This gives plants a better canopy and encourages them to produce more buds.

LST (Low stress training):

This involves gently bending the branches of the plant to create a more even canopy. This allows for more light through the lower branches and encourages better bud growth.


Is the place where screens are placed above the plants. The branches are then woven through the screens as they grow. This ensures that the canopy is more even and encourages bud development.

Super Cropping:

Is when you gently squeeze the stem to form a kink. This can help increase the plant’s ability to produce more flowers.

Training cannabis plants is the best way increase your cannabis plants’ yield. Cannabis plant training can change the growth pattern of cannabis plants to increase the size and quality of your marijuana plants. It also improves their health. Plant training may be an option for you if you are looking to take your cannabis cultivation to the next level.