How to Control Humidity in Your Cannabis Grow Room

To thrive cannabis plants, they need certain environmental conditions. Humidity is a critical element that must not be ignored. Growing cannabis requires that you control the humidity in your space. This article will cover how to control humidity effectively and what it is.

Why is humidity control important

Humidity refers to the humidity of the air. The humidity of a cannabis growing room is crucial for the development and growth. High humidity can cause mold growth and even the death of entire crops. But too much humidity can cause plants’ death. In the vegetative phase, cannabis plants need to be at 40-60% humidity. The humidity level should be between 40-60% for the flowering stage. The humidity can be controlled to ensure cannabis plants are healthy and reach their full potential.

How to control humidity in your cannabis growing room

There are many options to reduce humidity levels in your growing space. Here are some tips to lower humidity in your growing space.


Dehumidifiers are used to reduce humidity levels in cannabis cultivation rooms. They eliminate excess moisture and prevent mold or mildew from growing. It is important to choose the right dehumidifier in your space.


This is an important aspect of humidity control. Good air circulation helps prevent stagnant air buildup and evenly distributes humidity in the room. To maintain humidity and good air flow, exhaust fans, intake fans or oscillating fan can be installed.

Air conditioning:

The air conditioning can be used to control the humidity in a grow area. You can control the temperature to reduce humidity. While air conditioning can be expensive, it might not be necessary for all areas.


Are used for raising humidity levels. Humidifiers are used to increase humidity levels. This can cause mold and mildew growth.

Seal the area where you grow:

This will keep outside humidity out of your space. This will make sure that humidity levels remain within the recommended range.

Your cannabis plants’ health and growth depends on the humidity level. A combination of humidifiers and ventilators is the best way to ensure your plants thrive. The best way to ensure healthy and high-yielding cannabis plants is humidity control.